About my Art

Nicola Lynch Morrin

Artist Statement
My work has its origins in where I am – my surroundings, my garden. It is inspired by the natural world – its beauty, its hospitality, its contrasts, its surprises. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light – to rediscover the beauty of the everyday – a flower, a leaf. I have learnt that what I have not drawn, I have not really seen. I work in a close-up realist mode, magnifying my subject which is often characterized by meticulous attention to detail and an intense richness of colour. Despite an adherence to realism my work reaches beyond superficial appearances to imply hidden narratives and strives to apprehend the spectator so that they stop, look and become captivated by the subject.
Some of my recent watercolours push the boundaries of Botanical Art while fitting loosely into the tradition of the genre. I am constantly engaged by the effects of light and shade. Irises are a recurring theme in my work – these flamboyant early summer flowers are facinating to paint. The sunlight on the delicate petals elicits such a strong emotional response that I am compelled to record them and love to reveal their character. My work explores the tensions between light and dark being particularly sensitive to the subtleties of light. Savouring my subject matter I try to reveal the beauty and fascination of the ordinary and present each image as a jewel to be treasured.

“The drawings and paintings of Nicola Lynch demonstrate a keen eye, an ability to observe the nuances of contour in her subjects and to translate these into line. The shape of things is obviously important to her resulting in works which are marked by great clarity and control. One senses the artistís complete absorption in her motifs. Nicola Lynch looks to the garden for her subjects and to the lusciously fertile place she recreates for us! Her close-up foliage studies are characterised by a flat, compacted space that conveys the density of a wild, untended garden where plants grow freely into one another. This results in compositions which have both variety and complexity”

Frances Ruane, Art Consultant: National College of Art & Design

“The work is really beautiful…..a lot more powerful than earlier pieces. Some of the large flower pieces have aspects of the same “presence” found in the works of Georgia O’Keefes”

                                                              Frances Ruane, Art Consultant: National College of Art & Design